About The John Mather Trust

Set up by its eponymous benefactor to benefit young people in the West of Scotland.

Ashley O'Rourke

Ayrshire College

Ashley O’Rourke came to Ayrshire College to get the skills she needed to help build her cake baking business. The NC Bakery course provided a strong foundation and ‘Mrs Occasions’ is now in its second year.

Ashley says, “I was an older student and had been out of education for many years. I didn’t really know what to expect. Plus, I wasn’t sure how I would manage my workload in terms of starting my business and studying at the same time.

“The staff were great, and I was pleasantly surprised at the level of support available to students. I had a great experience at college – it’s obvious that providing students with the tools for success is at the heart of everything they do. The course has given me a strong foundation and I continue to grow in all areas of my job.”

The John Mather Trust supports students and alumni of Ayrshire College who have learned a trade and gone into employment, started an apprenticeship or set up their own business. Many of those eligible for a John Mather award receive a set of tools of their chosen trade to help them in their careers.

Supported over 3,000 individuals

Helping young people in the West of Scotland, specifically to assist them in getting a foothold in a wide range of careers.