Who was John Mather

John Mather was a West of Scotland based apprentice who became a lover of the Arts, a business visionary and a lifelong employee of what became Clydeport (An organisation in which he had a hugely significant role)


John joined the Clyde Navigation Trust at 16 and was appointed personal assistant to the General Manager, and a few years later he became the Administration Manager.  Within ten years he had risen to the post of Managing Director before becoming Chairman and later Executive Chairman before the company was privatised and floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1994.


Education and opening the pathway to career opportunity were both very important to John and those themes form threads running through the charitable purposes of the grant-giving charitiable trust he established.


Before John's untimely death in 2001, he had already set up a fund to assist young people in the West of Scotland obtain a foot on the career ladder; from craft apprentices at a range of colleges to those with ambition and talent to become technicians, engineers, business people, scientists, musicians and artists.  The John Mather Trust was set up on 20 October 1995. A significant proption of John's personal estate passed to the Charity on his death.


Having come from relatively humble beginnings, John believed passionately that lack of funds should not stop young people from being able to further their chosen careers.  With this in mind, the Trustees recognise that the Trust was set up to provide little things that can make a big difference to people, not grandstanding donations, but to give amounts that will have impact.

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