About The John Mather Trust

Set up by its eponymous benefactor to benefit young people in the West of Scotland.

Kintyre Seasports SCIO

The Kintyre Seasports SCIO was formed in 2017 to connect education providers, community groups and watersports clubs to break barriers and provide health, well-being and economic benefits for all. We are based in Campbeltown, an area with outstanding natural resources and serious pockets of deprivation.

Thanks to the John Mather Trust, we have been able to resource a Sailing Instructor Training programme in partnership with Campbeltown Grammar School and community organisations looking after disadvantaged young people. The programme provides personal development and leads to internationally recognised qualifications, offering trainees a new employability route, irrespective of academic attainment. The vision and support of the Trust is helping us make a real difference to young lives.

Supported over 3,000 individuals

Helping young people in the West of Scotland, specifically to assist them in getting a foothold in a wide range of careers.