About The John Mather Trust

Set up by its eponymous benefactor to benefit young people in the West of Scotland.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

– Hardship Funding

The John Mather Charitable Trust has supported the students of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for many years with hardship funding.  During the lockdown and Scotland’s recovery, these funds have been needed more than ever.  They have been extremely helpful in supporting students who are in financial difficulties due to unexpected expenses, family budget constraints and a change in work patterns.  The funding the Conservatoire received this year has supported thirteen students with a range of needs, including music software, musical instrument parts and travel expenses.

The cost of fees and living expenses continues to grow each year and to create a real financial burden for our students.  The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is grateful to have this support from John Mather Charitable Trust to help our students achieve success on their courses.

Supported over 3,000 individuals

Helping young people in the West of Scotland, specifically to assist them in getting a foothold in a wide range of careers.