Ayrshire College

Geoffrey Quail - Light Vehicle Maintenance

I work at a used car garage, Ingrams in Kilmarnock, an approved dealership for SEAT cars.  I got the job at Ingrams through the College, when I started a placement.  I’ve been with them ever since and I’m now an apprentice, working my way through the course.  I would say that the John Mather Trust awards helped me enormously.  Just to get the boost of recognition for your work and receive the kit has been great.  I didn’t expect that the kit I received would be so good.  Without a doubt, receiving the good quality tools of the trade was a great benefit and I’ve used everything since on a regular basis.  I still use them in my job now.  Especially the screwdrivers, they’re expensive, and probably not something I would have bought myself straight away, so they’ve been really useful to have.

I’m continuing to work with the garage, and am taking every opportunity to progress in my career.

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