Case Studies

Jean Claude Picard - RSNO

Jean-Claude recently completed a highly successful 3-year tenure with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra initially as Assistant Conductor (2013 - 15) and then promoted to Associate Conductor (2015 -16) due to the outstanding work he accomplished with the orchestra.  He led the RSNO in nearly 90 performances, from critically acclaimed full season concerts to prize winning outreach events, with appearances in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth and Dundee.


Kelly Murray - Ayrshire College

Kelly received the John Mather Award in 2016 which consisted of a pack including new hair straighteners, brushes, hair products and quite a few other things.  She studied at Ayrshire College for 4 years and had her own salon for the last 2 years which gave her the industry experience that she needed for her career.  She now is employed at Ayrshire College as the Senior Salon Assistant at the commerical salon 'You' within the brand new Kilmarnock campus and is also on the bank register for lecturing hairdressing as well.

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