Colin Murray, Rising Star Recipient

The Rising Star Award gave me the opportunity to receive top level training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and allowed me to continue on the road to becoming a professional singer.


Stasi Schaeffer, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland appreciates all the support the John Mather Trust has given our students.  We are especially pleased to have had so many Rising Star recipients.  The Trust has made a huge contribution to the arts from their generous funding.


Sarah Ward, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is immensely grateful to receive funds from the John Mather Trust.  The money makes an enormous difference to our students, who, due to the practical nature of their programmes of study within the arts, have significant course related costs.  In 17/18 we were able to allocate money to three music students to each purchase an instrument outright.  This has not always been possible in previous years and is particularly helpful given the often prohibitively high cost of quality instruments.


Statement from the RSNO

The RSNO is delighted to be able to bring young conductors at the start of their careers to conduct the Orchestra as part of its RSNO Assistant Conductor apprenticeship scheme.  Supporting rising starts is very important to the RSNO, and this is clearly mirrored in the ethos of the John Mather Trust - amd is very grateful that together they can support, nurture and encourage the professional development of the artistic leaders of the future, a goal that without the Trust would be impossible.


Isabel Lee, Development Manager (Trusts and Foundations) RSNO

On behalf of everyone at the RSNO, and particularly on behalf of Holly Mathieson, I should be very pleased if you would convey our thanks, as always, to the Trustees for their continued and vital support of the RSNO Assistant Conductor Chair.  Anecdotally, from our contacts and from young musicians across the world, we are being told that such a high-profile position within a major or national orchestra is unique, demonstrated by the tremeondous interest we received in 2016 from emerging young conductors from around the globe who applied for the position.  The growing international reputation for the RSNO as a provider of such leadership opportunities for young musicians, would not have been possible without the support of the John Mather Trust, and we continue to be deeply grateful to the Trustees.


Chistian Kluxen, RSNO Assistant Conductor 2010 - 2013

I would like to send a warm and deep felt thanks to the John Mather Trust and express my deepest gratitude for your support of the RSNO Assistant Conductor position.  Please remember that this is the best way for any young conductor to learn, and that a position like this does not exist in many other places in the world.


Bernadette McGuire, Ayrshire College

John Mather believed in learning throughout life.  His story is one of hard work, determination and self belief - qualities that will help our students be sucessful in the choices they make in life.


Euan MacDonald, Recipient of Award

While listening to Radio Scotland during lunch this week, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear you discussing the John Mather Trust.  I was myself a recipient of some quite substantial assistance from the trust in 2008 and rather shamefully had never learned about John's background or indeed formally thanked the trustees.  Upon graduating from the Design and Manufacturing department of Strathclyde University, my interest and thoughts of a potential career began moving towards finance and economics.  I decided the best way to become marketable in this field was to gain a reputable qualification leading me to apply for the MSc Finance course at Strathclyde Business School.  The John Mather Trust paid the tuition fees for my Masters degree, allowing me to work less part time hours and focus fully on learning a new and complex subject.  The MSc course was the most important decision I have made.  It gave me access to an industry which has allowed me to work in London, Geneva and now Edinburgh.  The diversity of my position and variety of interesting people I meet is thanks to the culture and work ethic developed while studying at Strathclyde.  I would therefore like to thank the trustees for their grant and stress the positive impact it had on me.


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